Tuesday, September 3, 2013

People and Animals: Powerful vs. Annoying People

In communication, people fall into two categories: powerful and annoying.   

Those with little energy would point you at little obvious facts, reprimanding and irritating you.

“You broke plates!”

People with little power pick on these little things and attack you:

“You!”  “You did this!” “You did that!”

They are energetic vampires. Their aim is to get your energy of anger and irritation.

Your emotional explosion makes them feel pleased and satisfied.

There is no need to make the simple problem worse by pointing it out and making the person feel frustrated. By using factual statements and pointing out the obvious, especially in stressful situations,

intense levels of frustration and misunderstandings occur.

Powerful people are nonreactive, indifferent, composed, calm, a master of their emotions, and avoid getting caught up in meaningless issues that detract from their quality life.

When you are stable and friendly on your upwards climb to success, people will instantly gravitate to you for certainty. You become the core of people's reality, as your centered self stabilizes people.

They come up to you…

…to feel comfort and certainty in your presence,
as you can listen and understand their needs

What kind of person are YOU?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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