Friday, January 17, 2014

Foot Chakra How to Use (Free Gift Inside)

The Foot Chakra influences your unique life experience.

Continued from Part   I

Location: Below your feet

The little known ‘Foot Chakra’ or ‘Chakra Zero’ that supports you in standing and living your truth.

Energies: Earth, grounding, structure

You know your Foot Chakra is STRONG,  when you stand by your convictions and beliefs. You are grounded and focused on the tasks at hand, and get things done your way in a timely and efficient manner. You are able to manifest and attract to you what is needed, grounding your positive desires and affirmations and live a life of comfort.

You know your Foot Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you face difficulty manifesting the things you want in life. You have trouble accomplishing things and feel unsure of your convictions or directions. You suffer from lack of focus and drive, which may be stopping you from making decisions, facing up to challenges or generally moving forward with your life.

You may ask the question: “How can I use this information to live a better life?”

When I found this information, I asked the same question.

I do not know, what methods the author of these  materials offers. Most probably, it is meditation or audio guidance. I never use meditation in its classical way, i.e. sitting cross-legged and doing something spiritual…

More than that, I never trust anybody’s voice guiding me to do something, which probably is not good for my nature or personal values, or attitudes, etc.

I decided to create a nice and quick method to get immediate results. This animated method - “Zero Chakra” - improved both something important for me (it is a secret) and started curing veins of a friend of mine. She had been suffering from varicose for years.

Instead of thinking about problems, failures or fortune lack, it is very good to practice success, using your imagination.

The animation as .ppt interactive presentation is my gift to you. Download it from my website (at the bottom of page). It will assist you in keeping focus on success and pleasant feelings…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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