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Personal Power Chakra

The Personal Power Chakra influences your self-esteem.

Continued from   Part   IV

Location: Above the navel

Influences your personal power and ability to channel

Energies: Fire, energizing, charging, lends energy

Color: Yellow
You know your Personal Power Chakra is STRONG when you are admired for your confidence and healthy self-esteem, both in your career and personal life.

You’re never afraid to speak your mind, and you empower those around you to do the same. Your family, colleagues and community see you as a charismatic individual, determined to use your charisma and power for making the world a better place.

You know your Personal Power Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you struggle with self-esteem issues, and feelings of unworthiness.

You tend to question yourself when faced with important decisions like whether to move to another city, change your career, get married to your partner or to have children.

You feel like a victim in the world, and often feel powerless to circumstances and other people’s desires. You may also suffer from frequent stomach pains and stomach anxiety.

How to open your Personal Power Chakra?   

Experts in psychology of wellness insist that positive affirmations do miracles in creating high self-esteem. Nevertheless, it was discovered that individuals with low self-esteem actually felt worse about themselves after repeating positive self-statements, like: "I am a lovable person" (Wood et al., 2009).

Paradoxically, low self-esteem individuals' moods fared better when they were allowed to have negative thoughts than when they were asked to focus exclusively on affirmative thoughts. Unreasonably, positive self-statements, such as "I accept myself completely," can provoke contradictory thoughts in individuals with low self-esteem.

To escape this paradox I wrote the book “The Love Formula” (published by Smashwords Inc.) The ‘love formula’ method actually offers a very nice, fast and helpful way to heal you from low self-esteem, jealousy including.

Meditations can open the personal power chakra, but will they never teach you to communicate freely and charmingly in real life situations with actual people as participants.

This chakra opens easily when you unlock the Sacral Chakra of your physical sexuality (read about this chakra)

Scientific Reference

Wood et al. Positive Self-Statements: Power for Some, Peril for Others. Psychological Science, 2009; DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9280.2009.02370.x

Life is a fantastic challenge and a gateway to adventures, right?
Natalia Levis-Fox

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