Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Become Brave And Strong?

Most people become brave in public or under alcohol… they need spectators to appreciate their braveness.

The question is ‘How to become brave and physically strong in everyday life?’

The answer to this question lies literally under your feet! I want to share the greatest secret with you. To understand the essence of this nice and healthy method, read the article about Root Chakra first (from this blog).

Or, go directly to my website and download ‘Zero Chakra’ .ppt presentation to find out what is what (t the bottom of page):

Nice Quick Method

The ‘cloud’ under your feet (root or zero chakra)
is the source of your physical power, daring and courage.

It is for your body.

If your body has no physical substances of daring, courage and bravery, your fear will make you careful or scared.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the channel of spleen begins from your feet. Spleen is known for feeding body, skin, hair, nails, muscles and organs with nutrients. Earth itself feeds the nutritive complex, consisting of spleen and stomach. 

So, if you need brave moods and powers, start ‘drinking’ courage physical power by your feet from the cloud. 

Do it as long as it takes your to stand up and walk around the room. You might want to leave the house and go out. All depends of strength of your desire.

Since this moment, you will be practicing your knowledge about this ‘cloud-feeding-principle’ everywhere and regularly. Physically, it takes time for nature to generate substances, which correspond to bravery, courage and daring.

You will be reminding to yourself, that you literally walk on courage everywhere.

Knowledge is power!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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