Monday, January 20, 2014

Your sexuality Chakra

Continued from  Part  III

The Sacral Chakra influences your sexuality.

Location: Lower abdomen
The energy center of sexuality and pleasure.
Energies: Fire, energizing, charging
Color: orange

You know your Sacral Chakra is STRONG when you see sex in a positive light, as a glorious, pleasurable and healthy activity. You enjoy passionate, frequent and long-lasting sex with your partner.

Orgasms are mind-blowing, and you and your partner often orgasm at the same moment. You make time to have sex at least a few times a week, even if you’ve been married or attached to the same person for years. You are always able to attract the right partners–compatible people who nourish you, fill you with joy and make you a better person.

You know your Sacral Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when the thought of sex conjures images of guilt and pain in your mind.

You rarely have the time or inclination to have sex, and when you do, it’s lackluster. You and your partner rarely orgasm at the same time, and premature or delayed ejaculation may be a frequent problem. You struggle to see yourself as ‘sexy’, and sometimes wonder how anyone could desire you.

Your partners are often wrong and incompatible for you, and you find yourself wondering if you’ll ever find “the one”.

The question arises immediately: “What can be done to enforce your sex power?”

Usually, the answer to this question requires plenty of money from sex drug industry. Because sex is a physiological process.

But there is a secret knowledge, doing even more than drugs and stimulators. You can order on-line consultation with me to get the expected results: to always radiate sex energy and enjoy relationships you deserve.

If you are not naturally sexy, nobody will ever love you sincerely, no matter what clothes you have or financial richness. It is a law.

P.S. If somebody refused to love you sexually, it is not your fault. There can be two big reasons for that:

1. You lacked enough sexual energy at that time, though mentally you considered yourself ‘super’ to deliver finest pleasure to another person.

2. Another person felt confused at your direct offer to share sex time or hungry loneliness with you. Sex energy has a good deal of subtlest aspects of tenderness, delicate states, giving your ‘high sky’ experience and pleasure; you can feel with nobody else…

Good luck!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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