Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Caucasus: Arhyz, Wild Beauty, Extreme, Travelling

This weekend I spent in Arhyz, western mountainous area in Caucasus.

This region contains green, covered by pine-trees and beech-trees forests mounts and hills, reminding Italy and Bulgaria.

Also, it has vast areas of rocky mountains

Icy lakes

and green rivers. This is Zelenchuk river.

The root the this name means “green”

Strong, wide and wild;

its color contains both sky blue and emerald-green shades

…like the color of my eyes…

The road to Arhyz is in very good condition.

You can race there, at 100-140 km at curves, as there are no cars on weekends there.
This time the only obstacle on the road were

herds of horses and


Shepherds are taking them

on alpine pastures for the the summer period.

Pine trees

and wild flowers

Thyme in the wild

are emanating incredible smells of paradise, health and wild love…

This is wild geranium

Several years ago I planted several roots in my garden

Are’t they beautiful in my favorable flowerbed?

Arhyz is rich in berries

Local population prepares all sorts of jams with berries

This green marmalade is made of young and soft pine cones. They give you power and best immunity

This is the new ski resort in Arhyz.

It had been built for two years under the supervision of Vladimir Putin,

President of  Russian Federation

On the way home I stopped at wild poppies fields

Several minutes of staying there, took all fatigue away

After  hours of driving from this beautiful land.

How did you spend your weekend?

With lovely wishes,
Natalia Levis-Fox

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