Friday, December 19, 2014

Art & Fiesta: Barcelona, Day I

For the last week I made a fantastic journey to Barcelona and Rome. I changed 6 flights, spent 13 hours in air and had adventures. Somebody had stolen my cash & my favorite silver bracelet in Barcelona. It was rather a challenge…

But the main event was great! It was International Art Fair at Casa Batlo – fabulous palace built by Gaudi. I was lucky to be selected for this exhibition together with very interesting painters and artists from all over the world.

The very first day, when we were fixing our pictures on the panels, we helped each other with nails, screws and made friends.

This day was not crowded with visitors. Only VIP and invited connoisseurs were admitted.

My artworks were placed on the lower level. Unfortunately, there was a dim light on the ground and our pictures were not shining brightly.

I created a new artwork for this fair, only 50 cm wide for the small space I had.

It is a “Smiling Cat in Erotic Mood”,
 mosaic joyful animal of polymer clay on glass.

The glass got cracked in oven, and the second split occurred when I was packing the picture for the journey. So, I took two of my earlier pictures, now belonging to other people.

I choose cats because these downy animals are very easy-to-read for different shades of nice moods and expressive feelings, quite common to people.

Both visitors and artists touched my fluffy pictures and smiled. Isn’t it the highest target of art?

To my big surprise I got invitation to work in a private architect’s bureau in Italy as the designer and decorator.

Barcelona is an on-going fiesta: joyful, easy, beautiful, noisy and happy.

To be continued…

Natalia levis-Fox

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