Monday, December 22, 2014

Art & Fiesta: Barcelona, Day II

Continued from part I

Barcelona is a wonderful artwork itself.

The second day of International Art Fair was very popular. 

Thousands of visitors enjoyed art from all over the world. 

I suppose, that artists are the treasure themselves. 

Their artworks are the expression of their magnificent nature.

These are Blandine Girerd and Olivier Jeannin, French painters

Blandine created a very interesting and original technique of making pictures with color ink on Plexiglas.

Olivier Jeannin is a doctor, who had started painting only two years ago.

Oliver's  website is

Nevertheless, he considers his sons as his best creation…

Ilir Bala is from Albania. He had come to the exhibition with his son.

His website is

I must say, that all artworks are fabulous as well as artists themselves

Tim Taylor, my colleague psychotherapist from US (on the right)

creates very tender artworks expressed in magnificent fresco form. 
His website

All the artworks of the Exhibition are great!

Important!   I invite artists to exhibit four their best artworks in my Levis-Fox Art Gallery, for free after new year celebrations.  Until that time, the site is under upgrading process.

Please, send
  1. your artworks photos of every size for publication (JPG, PNG)
  2. the artworks titles,
  3. your name
  4. your country,

I will also write an article about you and your art in my world popular blog

My love,
Natalia Levis-Fox

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