Sunday, December 7, 2014

Love, First Date, Mistakes & Truth

No need to say that the first date is a very exciting thing.  Each side has their own expectations: be it sex, lovely relationships or desire to produce favorable impression or even have fun.

If expectations are not satisfied, people part. Many experts in relationships teach us how to behave during this first meeting and how to avoid mistakes. Why not?

Nevertheless, our magnificent nature knows better.

If we feel drive, comfort, pleasure and happiness in each other’s presence, then we are a perfect pair!

In such cases, people often do not remember the details of conversation, even the language they talked (especially if they are foreigners).

When remembering their modes of behavior, participants of their fist date can even feel displeased with their performance and actions. In reality, it doesn’t matter!

Love unites people on the unconscious level. That is why details can slip our memory, leaving space only for the intense feeling of pleasure and delight.

Love is good. Enjoy every moment of meeting each other, even in memory…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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