Monday, December 1, 2014

Feeling Good with Mudra of Health & Success

Feeling good is the basic state of health and excellence. It can be achieved by different methods (without alcohol).

One of the methods is to practice mudras – certain positions of fingers and hands. The word “mudra” originates from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and means [sign] or [stamp].

The above picture shows mudra of health and success. When you weave fingers as shown in illustration, the energy of health starts circulating immediately. You will feel it!

Keep this mudra for 3- 15 minutes each day, your health will restore. Your body starts to relax right away; tension on the back, neck and shoulders disappears

More than that, you may think and dream about your desire implemented.

Any desire! One desire at a time of practice.

You can even move your hands while in mudra as if this lock is a fish, swimming in the ocean of love and miracles…

Or, you may want to draw the object of your desire in the air. The more you smile and feel happy, the faster your desire implements.

Live with pleasure…
Natalia levis-Fox

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