Monday, May 18, 2015

Erotic Secrets with Fun Ebook

Here is my new book

Natalia Levis-Fox. Erotic Secrets with Fun. Smashwords Ed. 2015
ISBN: 9781310182358
(registered in Congress Library USA as all my books)

The book is available in all modern reading formats and will be found at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Baker & Taylor Blio, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Library Direct, OverDrive, Scribd, Sony, etc

Book Description

When we hear about sex, see erotic or cuter images and films, we smile immediately. Our faces enlighten with lust just for several moments, before we gain control over face expression. Do you know that women get erotically aroused by watching other women nude and enjoying sex?

It happens due to the existence of mirror neurons in brain. These neurons allow us to synchronize with words, meanings, jesters, face expressions, emotions, actions, intentions and feelings of other people, desires and sex lovemaking.

The synchronization also happens when we watch films about romantic love, sex, porno, dancing actresses in sexy roles, etc. It occurs to even “highly moral” people who claim that they dislike shows. Nevertheless, their mirror neuron areas were firing out like crazy when they sexy girls bodies were dancing!

What does it mean? It means that we had learned to suppress sexual desires. Irrelevant to our prohibition, our brain still reacts to erotic, porno, love or caressing events.

Women adore erotic love and do not like primitive sex. In reality women do love and want sex but under different terms. They call it ‘erotic love’, spiced with beautiful feelings and loving caressing.

Men cannot live without sex. It is a very important part of their physiology and healthy life. In fact, they want sex. Every possible way they can imagine it. They have a dirty fantasy about every woman on their way and public places. But, very often men fail to experience sex on their own terms, the way they imagined or desired… It occurs because there appears mismatch between women sex behaviour and men’s demands.

Women’s timidity and other blocks to mutual pleasure spoil this wonderful process. More than that, many women demonstrate the lack of special sexual substances in the body, produced by nature. Yet, the situation can be corrected in a nice and elegant way.

To remove sexual mismatch, this book offers secret knowledge about men’s and women’s sex minds, the way they want it! Scientific discoveries explain neurobiology of love and lovely relationships between partners.

For that reason, this book presents a sparkling combination of adult humor, sex knowledge and brilliant ideas of those sexually talented people, who enrich our understanding of high quality intimate, satisfying relationships.

Every article or a quote out of 120 is a richly illustrated erotic art sketch, guiding you to experience pleasure and fun. The book contains over 240 images of erotic and scientific origin.

Each erotic joke or a spicy idea for erotic love dreams serves you as ‘mind food’ for rich intimate relationships. I will tell you more. As a practicing psychologist, I use materials from this book to consult people in improving their private life. If only you knew, how many marriages and close relationships were saved!

Enjoy this knowledge erotically and have sex fun…

Interpreters from European languages are invited
German, etc

Interpreter becomes the co-author, with their name on the cover. If you are a university teacher, psychologist, therapist or researcher, this co-authoring becomes your international publication!

This book is about the quality of sex relationship

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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