Thursday, May 21, 2015

Method: Nice Social Environments

Sometimes we feel displeased with our relationships at home, work or just different people we deal with. This acute dissatisfaction is the sort of ringing bell. It cries: “Check your social environments! You are surrounded with wrong people!”

Actually, there is nothing wrong with these people. They are just not for you. that is why you feel discomfort, anger, etc.

So, from time to time it is good to inspect your social surrounding.

Here is a simple method to check.

1. Take a pen and a sheet of paper

2. Write a list of people you communicate most often. Your body through your hand will participate in this process. Discomfort comes from you body, as it rejects to deal with some people.

3. Take each person from the list, one by one and ask one just question:

Is a genuinely pleasant and naturally friendly energy coming from them?”

4. Check, how good you feel in their presence. When you feel fine, you smile and your body relaxes – these people are good for you. In presence of these matching you people, you never worry how good you are. They are biological and personal match for you!

On the contrary, when your body responds with tension, stress and

disgust appears on your face, you have a wrong person nearby.

It may turn out (as in most cases) you are surrounded by majority of socially mismatching people.

You cannot get rid of them all, if you love or value your work or family. Of course, you can change your work. But, you cannot change your family members. You can just move to distant places from them.

As for ‘friends’ with fake smiles,

you can just stop any communication with them. Sometimes solitude is much better than wasting your time for proving, how good and nice you are…

Get a lovely kitten

or another pet to feel good…

You will notice soon, that the ’wrong’ people would disappear.

The truth is that our health disturbances come from the wrong, mistaken and hostile social environments. This is how our bodies cry for changes…

5. Just take time and remember people in whose presence you ever felt fine, free and nice. If it is impossible to have them nearby now,

take these relationships and persons as the model for friendly surroundings and satisfying relationships.

Sooner or later such people will appear in your life.

My love,
Natalia Levis-Fox

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