Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Your Future & Your Past

Very good words.

Other people - like parents or those who had ruled our perception and manipulated our faith – predicted/formed their own future for us. By believing them, we gave rise to ‘neuromatrix’ in our brains.

This matrix becomes the basis of ‘foreign installation’ with its own neurogenesis, the appearance of new neurons, corresponding to your ex-faith.

Neurogenesis: Neuro blast
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With years, we learn to avoid actively this information. Nevertheless, when we are relaxed, this ‘foreign installation’ wakes up and stats ‘talking’. As the result, we get what we call in psychology ‘negative self-talk’. Fighting and resisting it, brings in disturbances, anger, sharp dissatisfaction and other acute negative reactions.

In most cases, this ‘somebody-else’s future’ has nothing to do with us real, successful and experienced. Nevertheless, this foreign information encoded in childish neurosubstances of belief, acts like posttraumatic stress disorder – isolated networks.

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So, you can create your own future, with beautiful pleasant details and make it your reality in the NOW.

Enjoy your dreams!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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