Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grow Your Maleness With Plants And Flowers…

Men’s love is the object of envy and struggle. Without it, life is empty and dull. But, how can men’s love be fed and  nourished in our crazy world of business?
One of the sources is Nature.

There are plants and flowers, which raise your testosterone levels just by simply looking at them, even stealing glances occasionally.

When you put plants and flowers in your office, they serve you as a reminder of your constantly growing sexuality and power.

If you prefer fresh flowers, you can start with choosing a vase with a phallic symbol.

Even the highball glass is fine

Buy only those flowers and plants that you like yourself.

Never follow anybody else’s advice.

Even one flower on your table makes a big change!
Because you know, why it’s there

By changing flowers and water, you are renewing your males’ energy and potential.

If you prefer plants, so much the better!

They symbolize your growing sexually healthy stability.

By watering your plant, you add love to both your plant and your male’s health.

Women adore sexually strong males, as they sense them by their inner organs.

You will be surprised to find out that some women from your environment would take initiative and try to water your plants, without knowing why…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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