Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Am Learning To Pilot “Cessna”

I love flying.

And you?

When you are a good driver and skier, you really want more, right?

So I’m leaning to pilot “Cessna”, the most reliable plane from USA.

This is my handsome and most experienced instructor

Sergey Teplych, the owner of 2 beautiful planes

…taking off

Our flight over lake “Tambukan” – where healing mud is extracted

for spa centers and hotels

in Caucasian Mineral Waters region of Russia

Caucasus is the most beautiful place in the world

…where people of different nationalities and cultures (over 100) live in peace and mutual understanding

Local market

We already discussed with you the art of eating in Dagestan

Flying over mountains and hills fills your body  and soul with excitement and intensity, we lack in our everyday life.

It opens new perspectives and talents in you

Flying and especially learning to pilot planes and helicopters makes you really, really happy…

Elbrus from “Cessna” (pink circle)

We ski on Elbrus all the year round

Mineral waters springs near Elbrus

Enjoy life!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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