Friday, June 7, 2013

Caucasus, Ossetia, Digoria and Eco Tourism (Part I)

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Every weekend I travel around Caucasus,


the most beautiful and healthiest area in the world. I insist on this fact “the best area in the world’ because I had seen and experienced physically plenty other wild places and mountains: Pamir, Tangshan, Alps, etc.

If I do not travel, I will die of boredom and praised ‘stability’. In-between travels I

- write books on psychology of emotions, pleasure and success;

- create artworks and run my own Levis-Fox Art Gallery;

- consult patients in clinics or just healthy people to get what they want

- write articles in my blogs: about topics that interest and enjoy me personally in order

to find fast solutions or do scientific research and help other people

- do housework,

 my home
grow flowers and do plenty other things I enjoy.

Some of the flowers were brought from wild places I traveled. 

wild geranium

They decorate our garden now.

Wild poppies from Digoria

When you travel to wild and beautiful places, your own nature becomes richer and healthier. You breathe in and exhale freshness and divine pureness. Your eyes deliver you unusual information; your heart joins you in lovely sensations…

What is more, you meet nice people while you travel and explore lovely novelty of the wild.

This is what happened when we entered the land of Digoria – a mountainous area in the north of Ossetia.

Two friendly and handsome police officers

Askhar Marzhev and Soslan Pinov

registered our car and ID just for our safety. When you travel in mountains, the rescue service ought to know that nothing wrong happens to you, right?

This new church had been built by local villagers in the early byzantine style

St George Church

The roof had been made in the ancient Caucasian traditions

Father Ilarion

village parishioners and local masters actively assist in decorating the church



The nature of Digoria met us by emerald green freshness

To be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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