Monday, July 15, 2013

Art Master-Class: Bright Design for Your Bathroom

Any bathroom can be ‘vitalized’.

Today we shall paint the  mirror frame, shelves and towers holder in your bathroom.

This is what I managed to create. In reality, it looks much better. When you enter your bathroom and see your artwork, your spirits raise automatically.

We will need bright acrylic paints you can find in any supermarket or shop for kids. Acrylic paints cover any surface ideally: wood or plastic. To add even more charm and style, you can get some perl paints; they are usually sold in small boxes. We will also need a brush and nitro lacquer, which dries within an hour.

The whole process will take several hours, plenty of pleasure and fun.

There are no rules in creating this design.

Allow your hand to make any shape and color. There will be gaps between spots. Let the surface dry (15-25 minutes) between covers.

As soon as you are satisfied with results, apply nitro lacquer, It dries about an hour.

Before fixing your painted objects, wash them with cold water. 

The painted shelf under the mirror will never look untidy; no spots from soap and shaving crème will be seen.

You can also add some green color to your bathroom in the form of artificial plans (if you have no window for real plants in pots)

If there is a niche on the wall, you could make a stained glass picture yourself (!) Then you will install the lamp behind your stained glass masterpiece. And your bathroom will turn into the box of miracles.  But that is another story.

Next time we shall create stained glass pictures.

When your bathroom artworks are ready, make pictures and send them to me

I will publish them in my Levis-Fox Art Gallery. You will be famous!

Russian version of the article 

Natalia Levis-Fox

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