Thursday, July 11, 2013

Italy: Wings of Love

I have been loving Italy since adolescence, the time when you start distinguishing between beauty and ugliness.

When I was breast-feeding my son for over a year, I was studying Italian and read books on Renaissance art, Michelangelo, Rafael, Leonardo and other marvelous artists.

You won’t believe, but my son somehow had absorbed fine arts, Italian beauty, magnetism, humor, creativeness and high lifestyle. His blond and blue-eyed appearance resembles Italian Gods with regular features. He is in art now; girls adore him.

Being a traveler, I postponed visiting Italy without any logically explicable reason for years, until this June.

I feel at home in Italy, as if lived overseas, and finally came back…



 San Marino





…especially, in the countryside…

An extraordinary friend of mine: emanating magic, amazing male’s power, friendliness, charisma and super intelligence,  showed the night Rome to me on his bike.

We rushed along the roads in high speeds.

If you ski in the mountains, you know this very feeling of wings spreading over you…

…slaloming…violating rules… drunk with adrenaline… passion… craziness… flying… on the wind of love…

So, it is time to master motorbikes riding,
to add new adrenaline sensations to active experience, right?

If you ask me: “Which was your best day in life?”

I would answer you: “It was the night!”

I wish you to fly on your wings of love, ecstasy… with someone you really care…

To be continued

Natalia Levis-Fox

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