Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lovely Relationships: How to Attract (Part I)

We can be high-class specialists, respected and valued by others, We could live an interesting life, make good money, read books, travel, sparkle with humor in friendly environments. However, without lovely relationships we feel empty, no matter how tricky we try to hide this fact from ourselves.

Nothing can ever substitute lovely relationships – the type of satisfying interaction between two people: a man and a woman. Love is a very rich natural context, where only the best human qualities manifest themselves effortlessly. Love unites people, enriching feelings and magnifying pleasant sensations and emotions.

People in love can talk about everything in the world. Being in each other’s company brings forward comfort, inspiration, mutual respect, easiness.

How do we recognize lovely relationships? – Immediately, by the feeling of shyness and tenderness, felling good, the desire to meet often and being together with each other physically as long as possible.

Where to meet your matching half? Nowadays we use Internet, exploring social networks. Of course, virtual communication with so-called “friends” adds nice feelings to our current states.

Yet, not a single intelligent computer or a virtual friend will ever caress you physically, touching your body, your skin, your hair, your lips with tenderness, love and desire…  to experience mutual pleasure…

There are many methods to attract love, some of them we have already discussed with you.

To be continued

Natalia Levis-Fox

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