Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lovely Relationships: Nice Environments

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We live in a very rational world. Yet, love is irrational by its nature.
We have already set our minds with you towards lovely relationships. So, our rational, i.e. explicable, attitudes are engaged to advantage.  

Practicing your intent “I am attracting lovely relationships” every day, you clear your environments for miracles. Miracles occur constantly, but most of us ignore them. Or, it is better to say, preoccupied with ourselves, the impression we produce, we do not notice miracles. Love is a miracle itself and it needs to be noticed…

My earlier article “Attract   Love  with  Candles” became very popular with people from 43 countries. It means that environments organization to attract love is very important to you.  

Today we shall add some more nice love attractive attributes to your environments your home and working place.

Those who love you do notice little lovely trifles connecting with you. When you are in love, you stop criticizing the beloved person. You accept them as they are. You make their lives even more comfortable and pleasant.

If you are not in love yet and dream to (literally) fall there, add lovely trifles. Flowers are the best candidate.

If you have a big vase at home, put sunflower there.

Caress flowers with your eyes, knowingly and purposely… The secret smile will play on your lips. It is the smile of happiness. Love will appear in your home.

You can also create object of love turning simple things into love containers.

A bottle from salt baths with simple geranium
can become this lovely trifle, known only to you…

Go to the wild, find chamomiles and enjoy their beauty.

Chamomiles are the symbol of love in most cultures.

Bring some flowers home

Even one flower, put in a small vase will attract love into your home

Get a kitten.

Its appearance in your home will fill it with vitality,

If you travel a lot, you can get ceramic cats… and fun

…or place a nice picture on the wall…

Live by your dreams and lovely relationships!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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