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Lovely Relationships: How to Attract (Part III)

Continued from Part   I  and    2

There is a well-known biological fact that women prefer to seek for love and men for good sex. However, none can live a satisfying life without lovely relationships. How to attract a loving relationships?

Here is the method.

Step I: Turning Your Need into Your Goal

Confess that you cannot live without lovely and satisfying relationships and make it your goal.

In theory, all goals are definitely achievable, but in your reality you probably don't really believe it's possible, so it won't happen.

Therefore, we shall turn your need in lovely relationships into goal. Believe it or not, miracles do happen, when you express your persistence, until you get what you want!

This goal of yours can be accomplished within a few months.
You might want to have just one real lovely date in the next three months. Not nearly as thrilling of a goal, but a fantastic step towards a better life.

Step 2: Create a Declaration of Intent Once a Day

every morning, write down the goal you've picked. Whatever it is you want to experience, just write it down once a day. A good format to use is a short sentence, which begins with "I am now attracting...", "I am now creating...", "I will now..." or "I now intend...

Linguistically you can do it differently, but meaning remains the same.

For example:

"I Am Now Attracting A Loving Relationship Into My Life."
"I Will Now Attract A Loving Relationship Into My Life."
"I Now Intend To Attract A Loving Relationship Into My Life."

If you say, "I am now with my ideal partner" you will immediately feel the lie even before you finish saying it.

However, a statement which begins "I am now attracting..." or "I now intend..." is true (at least while you are saying it) and holds no contradiction in your emotions. Of course, this is different for everyone, so find a wording that works for you.

Step 3: Celebrate Your Future Success

After writing down your goal, mentally place yourself in the future, to a day where your goal has been accomplished, and feel the happiness and excitement you would be feeling, knowing that you have accomplished your goal.

Just pretend it is, for example, three months from today, and on that day you have reached your goal. Let's say that this future day is the day you enjoy the lovely and satisfying relationship you've been dreaming about.

Whatever it is, just move forward in your mind to that day, and PRETEND that your goal has been reached, and FEEL the emotions, which you would feel if you had actually reached your goal.

Feel the happiness, feel the success, feel the proud accomplishment of knowing that you can use your own inner power to change your life. Imagine what next goal you'll now go for since you've reached this first one. Plan a celebration for yourself, and imagine how great you will feel when you celebrate your accomplishment.

Just generate that positive emotion for a minute or two, and just bask in it for a few moments.

Step 4: Ask For Help From Your Future Self

Now, while you are enjoying that feeling, looking back to today from that future moment, ask yourself what single action you can take, today, to bring your goal to you faster.

The future you, which has accomplished your goal, knows what steps need to be taken. From this vantage point, you can ask yourself what is the next most practical action you can take.

When you get the answer, write it down, and take that action at some point during the day.

Taking action, no matter how small, is the fastest and surest way of convincing your subconscious mind that you are serious, and will do wonders for the quick manifestation of your goals.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You might belong to the type of people who had never experienced lovely relationships in their lives. On the other hand, you might have chosen once not to think about your future, plan it or expect anything beautiful out of life. In this case, steps 3-4 will be useless for you.

There are several things, which will work for you perfectly:


go and buy

or order new clothes, shoes for your lovely relationships. The desired person may appear unexpectedly, so you must be ready.


change your perfume, cosmetics and add natural scents to your body


take massage, so that your body will grow receptors
for pleasant touching and caressing in lovely relationships

d) change your car


master a new style of walking

f) change your hair style and color


enjoy your new looks in new clothes in front of mirror,
admire your changes, just the way your soul mate would do…

(We shall discuss other effective measures in later articles)

Step 5: Choose the Same Thing Every Day

Do this daily, until you are done. Work on only one goal at a time, and don't change goals unless you decide you no longer want the one you started working on. If you no longer want the goal, choose a new one and start again. But if you do want your original, don't stop until you have it.

WARNING: Lack Of Persistence Is The Number One Reason Why People Do Not Reach Their Goals.

If you give up before you reach your goal, you obviously don't want it very much, do you?

Pick a goal that you cannot live without, and start again...

This method only takes about 5 or 10 minutes with your morning coffee and works flawlessly.

Good luck to you!

P.S. This article is based on materials from Ilya Alexi’s book “Mind Over Money”


Natalia Levis-Fox

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