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Are You the Bold, Striking Energy of Type Four?

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Primary Movement: Constant, Still
Natural Gift: Perfecting—“Here is how we can make it better, and here is how we can duplicate it.”
Dominant Quality: Serenely reflecting truth back to us and improving the quality of our lives.
Beauty Code Word: ‘Stunning!’

The Type Four Expression Comes From The Element Of Carbon/ Earth, and its natural primary movement is constant and still.

If you have a dominant Type Four movement, you have a constant, exact energy. You are reflective, brief and clear.

Type Four energy is an introvert expression reflecting perfection to create in this world.

The key words that describe the movement of this energy in a dominant Type Four woman are: bold, authoritative, keen, regal, polished, striking, sleek, structured, clean, clear, simple, reflective, exact and grounding.

Your adult life, to “Lighten up!” or “Don’t be so literal or critical!” or “You’re always so serious.”

Your energy has the firm and statuesque presence of a noble fir tree or the reflective quality of a still lake mirroring perfection back to the world.

Fir tree

Keeping things structured and staying on track is the primary motive for a Type Four personality. Creating quality and precision is a priority in how you approach life. The movement of Type Four Energy is the most rigid of all the Types.

Others tend to perceive this energy as too authoritative, too critical, and overly serious.

One of your tendencies is to be deeply reflective, and to pride yourself in just naturally knowing who you are.

As a Type Four, you like to play by the rules as long as you can trust the source of those rules or the rules themselves. Once you respect and accept the authority of another person or an organization, the rules they lay down are easier for you to accept and keep, even if you do not fully agree with those rules. More than following rules, a Type Four also likes to create rules for others to follow.


Type Fours complete our cycle of wholeness:

1. Type Ones start the cycle by initiating an idea with the hope it can be done;

2. Type Twos gather the details to make the plan;

3. Type Threes push us into action to create a result; and

4. Type Fours have a keen awareness to step back and analyze the whole process and consider what has been created to see how it can be improved.

If you were to put your natural gift into a phrase, your phrase would be, “Here is how we can make it better, and here is how we can duplicate it.”

You truly see the world through a critical eye with a desire for perfecting things around you. Because of your reflective quality, you not only want to perfect the world, you want to share what you believe, which brings quality to our lives by duplicating it.

Type Fours step back from a situation rather than jumping into it. This allows you to take in the bigger picture and see what is going on. Your keen eye and gift of precision helps you see all the pieces and how they fit together to create a perfect whole.

You have the gift of being able to make anything more perfect and systemize any process to a desired, repeatable and predictable outcome. You take things to their final perfected form.

When you do not allow your Dominant Type to lead in your expressive self, you lose your connection with who you are. You will be out of balance from your constant, still energy if you try to force yourself to lighten up and animate yourself. You are not able to fake how you feel.

Challenge: You may appear harsh, judgmental or too opinionated. Because you have a tendency to see weakness first, you can come across as critical and negative. Knowing this about yourself, you can manage your gift with more awareness and choose how you express your insights in a manner that does not appear overly critical.


You are your own authority. If someone tries to be an uninvited authority over you, you think in your mind, “I didn’t ask you to tell me what to do or how to do it.”
You look at what has been created with a critical eye, then evaluate and determine what could be done better.

You also demand perfection and want things to be the best they can be. As a Type Four, you expect the best from others and hold a high standard.

Your native element is carbon/earth. Phrases used to describe your personality are: “You are such a pillar of strength.” Or, when it becomes a judgment, “You take things too seriously or literally!”

Challenge: You can get stuck by wanting every little part and piece perfect. You demand too much of yourself and others, and you don’t want to get off track. You need to learn to say “It’s good enough” and move on. Rather than try to perfect everything, channel your gift into what truly is important to you and adds quality to your life and to the lives of those you love. Then let those things that aren’t that important to you just be good enough.

Challenge: More than any other Type, you will find it harder to change your direction when things are not working out, especially if they were well planned in the first place. As a Type Four, you may even find it hard to stop reading a book that you started, even if you don’t like it!

You are private, disciplined, influential and uncompromising in your approach to life. It will suit you to have an agreed upon starting time and finishing time for your leisure time. Within this structure, you can really let your focus go, knowing there will be a time you will get back on track with the non-leisure time activities in your life.

Challenge: Due to your gift of perfecting things, you have a tendency to set standards that neither you nor anyone else can meet. This can set you up to feel that you can never fulfill your desired expectations, and always fall short of the mark. With your tendency towards perfection, you can create low self-esteem and pessimism in your view of yourself, others and life in general.

Challenge: You steer away from things that you cannot easily be perfect in. Your tendency for high expectations can place a great demand on yourself, and you may be limiting your interests and opportunity to try new things due to your perfecting nature.


Your thoughts and feelings are deep and reflective, far reaching and penetrating. You are not satisfied with the superficial. You search for the cause and correlation of things, seeking to understand the laws that affect human life. You are a clear thinker and a thorough and efficient organizer of your thoughts.

It is important for you to mentally organize your thoughts so you can move forward within a framework of structure. You are not at ease until this state has been achieved. You take in a lot of information and can quickly figure out what has value to you and what does not.

You really have a very soft-hearted disposition. You reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings reluctantly and only to those whom you trust. Your feelings are deep and tender. You easily empathize with others and have the ability to make very deep commitments.

Challenge: In your tendency to think in black and white terms, you can be an all or nothing thinker.

Challenge: You can become deeply focused and often tense, but focusing on a project or activity can also help you relax.

Challenge: When you are emotionally triggered, your energy can be read as icy or cool, just like an icicle or an iceberg—cold and immovable.


You value respect, loyalty, reliability, professionalism, appropriate humor, and timeliness in your communication with others. You do not like being put on the spot spontaneously but are eager to express yourself before a group if you have some purpose in view. You have a gift of being concise in your communication, and are able to share a lot of information clearly and in a few words. You are brief but comprehensive.

You are quiet about your thoughts until you are clear about how you feel. Then you have formed strong opinions about what is right or wrong, having a black and white opinion, with no gray areas. You may not always share your keen insight and strong opinions. It depends on how worthy you feel your listening audience is.

When you have engaged in a conversation with another person, you give them your full attention and expect to be given the same when sharing your thoughts and feelings. You do not like being interrupted in the middle of sharing your stream of thought. It is especially irritating to be interrupted if you are intensely focused on a project or activity while someone tries to talk to you and interrupts you.

You give your full attention to others and expect them to respond in kind when engaging in conversation with you.

Challenge: You may sound critical or overly negative to others. You like to get to the essence as quickly as possible, and you can come across as blunt and too straightforward in expressing your opinions.

Challenge: You may build walls around yourself so others cannot approach you, and they won’t know how to talk to you.


You express yourself in a straightforward manner. You tend to stay on track, even when you move between tracks, or from one activity to another.


You are a loyal and faithful friend, true to your word. If you make a promise, you keep it. It is your tendency to be self-sacrificing for the people with whom you are the closest. The more you feel you are being honored, the more easily you make who you are available to others, and even yourself.

Challenge: You may be cold and distant, content to live in your own world as this mode feels less painful to you if you have felt misunderstood.


You do not form acquaintances readily. You are not the one who will be chatting with the person next to you in the grocery line; in fact, you probably think it does not make sense to do so when you don’t even know the person! Rather, you prefer a narrow range of friends to whom you are very close and loyal. Even though you don’t like to be in the spotlight, your striking presence draws unwelcome attention to you.


You will thrive the most in a position that allows you to be your own authority. You have a natural tendency to stay on track with your work and to mentally organize yourself in such a way that you do not need an authority watching over you or micro-managing you. You quickly see what needs to be done and how to do it better than most.


You are very thorough in how you plan your spending. You tend to think things through before you spend your money. You prefer to save your money so you can invest in the best of what you want. You prefer to own less, but what you own needs to be of good quality and of value to you.


You enjoy activities that require your ability to focus intensely and perfect your physical talents. You enjoy single sports and recreational pursuits.

A physical activity that you have a unique tendency with is your experience of driving. You think you are the best driver on the road. It bothers you that others don’t understand and follow the rules of driving as well as you do.

Your Type Four tendencies can really manifest when you are driving because you notice what you perceive as the weaknesses of other drivers. You are not shy about sharing how you feel about such weaknesses, in a blunt, opinionated way.

Another tendency unique to your still and reflective nature is that you do not like to be rubbed or patted on your body in the same place over and over


Your energy creates an ambience of clearness and stability. Your constant, still energy quiets the people around you. You are naturally a stabilizing force to the rest of us. When you are uncomfortable or disturbed, you move into a state of more stillness and your constant still energy can come across to other Energy Types as cool and distant.


“You are stunning!”


Black and white
Designer look
Look of wealth

This genius profile system was developed by Carol Tuttle

If you recognized yourself as Type Four energy person, how do you feel now?

Next time I will show you how to find out the state of you vital energy by your photo.

Enjoy knowledge! Pleasant concepts fill your worlds with health and exciting novelty…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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