Sunday, December 8, 2013

Do Dogs Eat Flowers?

When you have a growing dog in your house, you are sure to have plenty of traces everywhere: eaten shoes, wallpaper, puddles on carpets, torn off paper, etc.

My dog 2 years ago

However, this disorder at home can not be compared to joy of walking and watching…

…your dog, exploring unknown territories…

Of course, the presence of a garden around your house makes a lot of good, both to you and your pets.

My garden

I adore callas.

I planted yellow calla lily from Holland and was waiting impatiently for its blossoming beauty.  The dog was following me everywhere. He ‘participated’ in planting and watering it.

When the yellow beauty appeared in its terrific splendor,

my dog was sniffing it eagerly.

I had only four days for my flower’s admiration.

On the fifth night, the dog had eaten it, with the bulb!

Was it his doggish manner to love beauty? I do not know.

Our life consists of dozens of trifles and events. When we notice them with pleasure or surprise, life becomes more meaningful and human.

What is your    lifestyle?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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