Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do Dogs Sing Love Songs?


Like all males, my dog loves freedom. To go out any time, he made a big hole under the fence. One day a nice young She appeared through this hole. You won’t believe, but he fell in love with her! So touchy… How do I know this? It was clearly visible. He would not leave her all day. They played, He would caress her. He would even let her eat from this plate.

One day she disappeared. He would look for her everywhere. Even the suffering was obvious.

There is often music in my home. When my dog heard an Italian song : “Sempre ti amo” (I love you always), he sang from his favorite armchair…

You can also enjoy this beautiful song from my website  page
(recorded specially for you)

Initially he would sing only this song, but for the last 2 months, he would also tune with every love song he could hear.

Like every other male, my two years old dog would never miss a single female dog in their special period.

Yesterday, he brought me to the place, where one of his girl friends was hiding her tiny puppies. Five of them are the exact copies of my dog! I managed to take good pictures of the two when they were eating soup with small pieces chicken.

This one is eating chicken

This one is licking itself after soup…

So I have a very nice duty to feed puppies every morning. We have -10º of frost.

My dog at his early age

Natalia Levis-Fox

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