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Are You The Type Three: Rich, Dynamic Energy?

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When you know true nature and live by it, most physical, social and personal problems disappear automatically.

Primary Movement: Active, Reactive
Natural Gift: Action—“Let’s get to work and get it done!”
Dominant Quality: Swiftly moving us forward to our desired outcomes.
Beauty Code Word: “Hot!”

FIRE, and its natural primary movement is active/reactive energy.


You are naturally dynamic, sure and purposeful.

Type Three energy is an extrovert expression pushing forward with intensity to create in this world. This natural, dynamic, deliberate and purposeful movement can be consistently observed through aspects of your human experience.

Other key words that describe the movement of this energy in a dominant Type Three person are swift, substantial, rich, textured, intense, practical, resourceful, to-the-point, fiery and abrupt.

You may have been told a lot as a child, and even in your adult life, to “Relax!” or “You’re too demanding,” or “Pipe down! You’re too loud.”

Your energy is like the dynamic push of Niagara Falls leaving a lasting impression with the results you create. You truly are a ball of fire, like the great fireball, the sun, made up of the same element as your Dominant Type—hydrogen/fire!  

Taking action to get a result is a primary motive for a Type Tree person. Results are a priority in how you approach life. Action that creates results and change are important to you.

Because your energy is active/reactive in its nature, your motive in your actions is to create a result that makes an impression that remains for a long time.

Ironically, you are not innately motivated to do what you do to impress other people. It is just an outcome that naturally happens due to your dynamic energy.


In the cycle of wholeness the Type One energy initiates the cycle with an idea, the Type Two energy gathers the details by asking questions and making a plan, and the Type Three moves us into action. Your Type 3 energy moves into action swiftly to make things happen to create a result. If you were to put your natural gift into a phrase, your phrase would be “Let’s get to work and get it done!”

As much as Type Ones love starting new things, Type Threes love finishing things they start. As a Type Three, you actually only start something that you are motivated to finish, so you can experience the result of your actions. And you don’t just start one thing: you have the capacity to push several things along at a time and make sure they all get done.

You move through life like a tiger, with a very stable, deliberate movement. You jump in and take action quickly. You see what needs to get done, and often wonder why no one else is taking action, assuming the rest of the world moves in your expression.

Tiger in jumping flight

You can push a lot of things forward at once, moving yourself and other people into action. You are the ready-fire-aim person, and some-times that can burn you and others out. 

You can change focus abruptly, but you always come back to what you have started. You are very aware of what has gone unfinished, and that you can spur you into action and cause an abrupt change of focus.

Important: It is important that you acknowledge and allow your energy to have a swift, pushing nature. When you do not allow your Dominant Type to lead in your expressive self, you lose your connection with who you are.

You will be out of balance from your active/reactive energy if you try to soften or sedate yourself. The result is anger and rage!

Challenge: You can become immediately absorbed by the aim you have in mind and rush for your goal with great acceleration and impulsiveness. You consider too little whether you can really reach your goal because you are so sure of yourself.


Action that creates results and lasting change or impressions are important to you as a Type Three. You measure results and base your success on whether or not the measured results are congruent with projected results.

You can act before all the details are in place, often feeling like so many details are unnecessary as you have a deep sense of confidence and sureness about achieving success. You are very expressive about what results have been or will be achieved in your life. You can change directions abruptly and can handle diverse situations and many goals at once.

You move other people into action easily. If someone is feeling down, you will think of something to do to help the person change focus, or what you can do to help fix it. You move forward with intense determination.

The dominant element that is expressing in you is hydrogen/fire.
Phrases commonly used to describe your personality are: “You are dynamic,” or when it becomes a judgment, “You are too pushy and intense.”

Challenge: Type Three people are very passionate. Whenever you are bent about carrying out your plans, or find opposition, you are filled with passionate excitement. You can become addicted to action!

If someone challenges you or suggests you can’t do what you are desiring to do, you most likely are thinking, “Oh yeah, just watch me!” You are very self-confident and self-reliant and tend to take success for granted because you expect it.

You have the most competitive nature of all the Types!


Your thoughts and feelings are swift and deliberate. You classify your thoughts to keep track of all the activities you have put into motion. You sort out things in your head and can move from one compartment to the next easily, without losing concentration because it all has a purpose to you.

You do not like to take time to read instructions in detail as you have confidence that you will be able to figure it out as you go. You think first about the result and outcome to be achieved rather than what it will take to get there. You like to move into action quickly.

Challenge: Because you have an active/reactive nature, you can be very reactive when you are emotionally triggered. You may abruptly and intensely say what you are feeling and it may come across as harsh. Giving yourself a moment to cool off and process your emotions without reacting so intensely is important to you. You will be heard and understood more fully when you can share how you feel when you are more at ease.


You value honest communication, credibility and realism. You like to get to the point in your communication. In fact, a common phrase you will use when someone is dragging things out is, “What’s your point?” Going over too many details can bog you down.

When in authority—which is often the case!—you are good at delegating. When you feel someone is credible and they get results, you give them free rein to do what you have delegated to them. You don’t like to beat around the bush, and you are practical and honest in your communications.

You value your activities and the results you create in life. You like talking about your results and accomplishments readily. It may appear to others that you are proud, but results are such a central focus of your movement that you don’t think of it as self-importance.

Since you are not motivated by impressing people, it surprises you when people think of you this way.


Your behavioral tendencies model that of a hawk, circling the prey, moving along deliberately with your eye on the result you want, spotting opportunities, and moving swiftly or diving into action to create it.



You are open in your relationships, eager to work things out with your loved ones. You express a great deal of love and affection for the select people you form deeper relationships with. 


You have the confidence to interact with anyone. You are friendly and talkative in social situations. You are a natural sales person.


You may have a tendency for being late due to your tendency to want to get so much done.


You are reliable. You excel in positions that allow you to take the lead, motivate others, and challenge your capitalist spirit.

Type Threes are not afraid of the risk of doing their own thing due to their high level of confidence. Your reputation reflects that confidence, and people say of you, “You can count on her to get the job done.”

Challenge: You tend to dominate people of other Types in work settings, especially Type Twos. 


You are good with money and have a strong focus on it. Money is a measurement of your results in your professional activities. The more money you are making, the more you are getting the results you want with your profession or business pursuits.


You prefer group activities and competition. You love to challenge yourself and win. You are a very physical person, enjoying everything from exercise or adventure trips.


Your energy leaves an impression, which makes you noticed by others. Your active/reactive energy moves people into action. You are naturally a leader to others. You may notice that family and friends turn to you to take the lead to make decisions and lead out.


“You are so hot!”


  • Active
  • Adventurous
  • Ambitious
  • Big Hearted
  • Confident
  • Dazzling
  • Dynamic
  • Earthy
  • Energetic
  • Exciting
  • Exotic
  • Expressive
  • High-spirited
  • Hot
  • Independent
  • Industrious
  • Informal
  • Intense
  • Inventive
  • Lavish
  • Magnetic
  • Outgoing
  • Outstanding
  • Positive
  • Powerful
  • Practical
  • Purposeful
  • Quick
  • Resourceful
  • Richness
  • Rough
  • Self-confident
  • Sharp
  • Showy
  • Social
  • Solid
  • Strong
  • Sure
  • Vigorous
  • Vitality
  • Warmth
  • Wild
  • Zesty

This genius profile system was developed by Carol Tuttle

If you recognized yourself as Type Three energy person, how do you feel now?

Tiger lazing…power relaxed…

You may be not this pure type personality and may possess beautiful human qualities of this energy, as well as combining successfully the other three types.

Fire, water and vital energy

Spread your wings!

To be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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