Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adult Anecdote: A Nail in the Head

Once there lived a man. For many years he had the feeling of 'nail stuck in his head'. This feeling made him crazy and brought a lot of anxiety.

He went to the doctor. The examinations and numerous tests discovered nothing. So the doctor advised the man a castrating operation.

After the operation the man felt free of pain and his business started to prosper.

One day he went to a tailor to order a new and expensive costume.

The tailor did all the measurements and finally asked the man:

“Sir, on which side do you wear your male's organ, left or right?” We must cut and make your trousers, according to that.

“What difference does it make?” - asked the man.

“Oh, it makes a big difference,” replied the tailor. - “If we make your trousers with space on the wrong side, you will have the disturbing and painful feeling of “the nail in your head!”

Life is tricky!

P.S. As a matter of fact this funny story has deep roots in our everyday life. The phenomenon played in this anecdote is called “psychosomatic discomfort.” It means that when we ignore physical discomfort for a long time, it turns into psychic reactions of pain, dissatisfaction, annoyance. We experience these unpleasant states both physically and emotionally without finding out their real roots.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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