Monday, April 21, 2014

Caucasus, Gumbashi: Place for Extreme Biking & Tracking

Yesterday I was in Gumbashi, a long canyon, parallel to Caucasian main chain with Elbrus on top.

The road all along this canyon as well as side roads and paths are always free for extreme biking.

This canyon was part of the ancient Silk way, with fortresses, forposts and cities all along it. There are plenty of ruins and artefacts hidden on plateus, rising on both sides. Local shepherds keep all the secrets.

While I was taking pictures of rocks and wild plums in blossom,

high in the sky there floated a couple of eagles,
…playing their spring love games (blue circle)

This is how Caucasian eagle looks

together with his owner.

I call this picture “Two eagles”,
both wild, strong and fearless

Blackthorn blossoming bushes on rocks

On the highest point of the canyon road there is a local restaurant.

The view from this place is terrific.

Clouds covered Elbrus

Several km from this place, on the plateau, there is a private tiny spa and skiing resort.

Travelers stay there in small wooden houses with all modern conveniences.

The road from this place to Elrus (70 km on plateaus), 

passes through thermal springs, where you can bathe in natural cavities and small lakes.  

I have never been there, but plan to enjoy this place this summer. You need a jeep or mountain motor bike to get there.

Thermal sparkling spring near Elbrus

Adventures begin with pictures and desire to explore unknown wild beauty and danger!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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