Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Erotic Touch, Ecstasy of Love and Quantum Cheshire Cat

"It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!" Alice thought to herself when she saw a Cheshire cat disappear and leave only its grin behind.

It is not only in Wonderland, however, that properties of objects can exist independently of the objects themselves. That is the conclusion of a group of physicists from Israel and the UK, which has shown how the strange laws of quantum mechanics permit a photon to be in one place and its circular polarization in another.

How can it explain mysterious events and sensations in our life experience?

The greatest secret of our world is that we live in the space, which has consciousness and vitality of its own. In other words, the space we live in is alive. Its vitality and consciousness does not bother us! It neither spies nor influences us. And, of course, it never punishes us for our deeds. This vivant space (we call it ‘universe’) is saturated with Love.

If you are lucky and are mutually in love with another person, then Love not only unites you, it gives you both lovely sensations. This experience and phenomenon is called ‘Erotic Touch’ or ‘Erotic Caressing’. For this experience no distances exist. You may be situated from each other in hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, but the sensations are real, arousing and tender.

You have the feeling that the beloved person is near you: quantum universe is one with you.

When people are in love, they never criticize each other. Instead, they dream. This dreaming state brings forward ‘alpha-waves’ frequencies in brain. The alpha state is where your consciousness is in vibrational resonance with the planet’s and Love’s frequency. In this state you can even talk with each other, understanding the conversation on the level of personal meaning, skipping the words and languages.

If you were visualizing your fingers touching someone in an erotic way while you were in an alpha state or caress them in the air, as if you are near, the person would feel a slight tingling or warm erotic sensation followed by thoughts of you. It is subtle but it works…

If such an experience occurs to you before you fall asleep, then you come into theta state.

Caressing the person for several minutes, you can create effects that will last hours. The person will begin to feel warmth, tingling, hardness, wetness and a turned on feeling.

The person would actually feel the touch as if your actual physical hand was really touching them in person!   In the morning on awakening they would have the feeling that this loving erotic experience was a reality!

The intensity of ‘Erotic Caressing’ experience corresponds to the intensity of affection, fondness and warmth you feel for that person. The stronger is the feeling, the greater and pleasant is the effect. This called ‘Ecstasy of Love’ in one of its expressions.

You may ask a question: “Is it possible to feel this ecstasy of love if you are not actually in love with somebody? –YES!

Considering your interest to the theme and my materials on “Ecstasy of Love”

I developed a master-class, where participants will experience this fantastic state.

This event will happen on the 26-27 July, 2014 in France or Italy (in English, French and Italian).

Only 10 people are invited.

You can reserve your seat in advance by email natalia@levisfoxartgallery.com

The detailed information will be published on my website on the 15th of April. I will let you know.

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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