Friday, April 25, 2014

Need To Fulfill Your Desires & Dreams?

Today I want to give you a fantastically effortless method to get what you want from my new book

“Astrological Psychology”
(is coming with Smashwords soon)

This is a “YES!” method, my gift for you, my dear readers.

The “YES” method is nice and easy to practice, especially when you know why you apply it. You know, miracles happen only in well prepared environments, very much like excellent seeds, planted into a healthy soil grow into beautiful plants…

…only with your everyday’s care

Why do we need to practice methods on regular basis to get what we want? By practicing nice things we experience pleasure.

Our brain creates thousands of neurons and healing nerve cells every day. Did you know that? When you learn to feel pleasure on daily basis, there appear neurons, containing substances of pleasure.

Tell me, how often do you experience physical pleasure in the morning, daytime, evening and night? If not, then you have not enough substances of pleasure in your body and brain. Sad, isn’t? If you rarely experience pleasure, then there appears pain. Pain and pleasure are two life-time companions, like two sides of a medal.

Our neurons function as mini-orgasms releasers.

Release of a substance (=neurotransmitter)

between two neurons (from giving one to the receiving)

 pleasure occurs like mini-orgasm

We release what we have or accustomed to. If we often loose temper, then we have plenty of aggressiveness-containing neurosubstances. If pleasure and satisfaction are being emanated through our body and soul, then everybody likes us. There is good news for you: pleasure can be cultivated by simple things and techniques (application to your everyday horoscope on your request).

Recent research discovered that newly created neurons in adult brain listen before they talk.  Newly born neurons rely on signals from distant brain regions to regulate their maturation and survival before they can communicate with existing neighboring cells.

Brain cells from different areas talk to each other to provide information to the fresh cells, preventing them from disturbing ongoing functions until the cells are mature and eliminate chaos in our heads. This process lasts for days and weeks until they integrate into existing networks.

Researchers at SUNY Downstate Medical Center have discovered a PKMzeta molecule in brain. This molecule records and preserves complex, high-quality memories that provide detailed information about the experience (Serrano et al., 2008).

PKMzeta molecule will record your “YES!” experience in complex

Important note: Miracles, i.e. getting what you want occur only in states of pleasure!

The “YES!” Method

1. Take one of your wishes. You can write down everything that occurs to you or draw your own diagrams or images.

2. Define what you want as the result. Dream of it, even if it seems impossible at first.

3. Say “YES!” to your desired result, i.e. dream implementation thousands times a day, with all emotions and passion you have.

Enjoy new experience!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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