Friday, April 18, 2014

Anorexia Can Be Healed At Home?

After I published several articles about my clinical experience with anorexic patients, they became the most visited and popular posts in my blog. Every day dozens of people from different countries come and read my materials.

I do understand these people. Anorexia is a disaster! Parents feel helpless to do anything with their daughters.

Anorexia treatment is a very expensive process. Not every clinic dares to treat these patients. Together with deep and special knowledge on bio-chemical and psychiatric aspects of treatment, anorexic patients require a lot of patience.

Consciousness of anorexic ladies is that of a small nut. It is so little, that usual human words fail to reach them, let alone reasoning.

Nevertheless, during psychological rehabilitation group therapy in clinic, the girls display sincere interest to the female’s aspects of beauty, graceful manner of walking, popularity and lovely relationships.

This interest can be used in anorexic girls’ non-medical cure. There is a psychological method which works directly with the roots of their intent to loose weight. Initially aimed at getting a perfect figure (as top fashionable models have from their point of view) and be admired for it, these girls got into the process of loosing weight.

Do you understand what I mean? They got stuck in the process of life distraction! Do you know why? – The girls and young ladies, labeled medically as ‘anorexic patients’ never oriented to the desired results: To Get A Beautiful Body.

So, if there is trust between you and your anorexic child (we had even 13 y. o. patients in Dr Fedorova’s clinic), there is a way to heal this young person.

Anorexic girl in Dr. Fedorova Clinic with Psychologist

Of course, it will take some time to get healthy results, but you will manage and cope!

Your relationships will improve and you will get closer with your child.

Never give up!

Miracles do happen, when you apply human warmth, knowledge and express love. Young people must live and enjoy life, meeting challenges…

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The healing technique is called “Mannequin Method”, in PDF format with pictures and detailed step-by-step instructions for success and health.

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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