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Heal the Origin of Your Pain, Depression & Addictions (Part II)

Continued from part I

This article contains some very unpleasant facts about your parents, and they might cause you shock. So, you can leave this place without bothering to find out the truth and liberate yourself from pain.

Here are some facts collected, analyzed and generalized during my huge consulting practice and healing experience in private addictions & psychiatric clinics:

Fact 1. Some proud of themselves parents and relatives install in children their own mentality, ‘soul’, fate and their ‘own genetics’.

Metaphorically speaking, they forcibly made you follow their life paths, styles, health conditions and fate
These imposed matrices in your body acquire the biological substances of physical likeness or resemblances. (“Oh”, they say, “he took much after his father!”).

This installed presence on biological and psychical levels gives you the feeling of somebody else’s existence in you. Yours and foreign energies join, fuse or mix up. Sometimes you think as if there are ‘two’ of you. Apparently, the origin of some mental disorders comes out of this fusion.

More than that, if you still believe your mother’s words that ‘she gave you life’, then your brain might generate the substances, which correspond to her emotional reactivity. Her own thoughts might come to you without your permission, as she had installed her own will to protect or guide you to better solutions, people, success from her own point of view.

In case of their parents’ invisible presence in life, people either fight or yield obediently this foreign influence.

This type of influence manifests itself in:

Self-talk, when strange information or even foreign stream of consciousness occupies your attention. The reason for it is the activity of somebody else’s potential is ‘living your life’ To many people it seems that somebody’s will commands them from distance.

Physical pain and tension, as you try to get rid of this unpleasant source of information.

Low moods, depression, suffering and misery.  In other words, foreign potential in hardship, public and self-judgment had been in action (automatic regime) for many years. To compensate this active presence, people develop addictions, self-love, self-pity and pleasing others habit to live in peace with themselves and others.

Fact 3. The presence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) originating from your childhood or some extreme life conditions. Download presentation with scientific discoveries about the origin of PTSD in your brain.

Fact 4. The habit of postponing better behaviors, feelings, relationships, happiness, love and pleasure for some distant future leads to degeneration of such brain substances as:

(1) Dopamine – neurohormone of feeling good. People drink alcohol just for the sake of feeling good, brave and loved

Dopamine containing newly born neuron

If you use alcohol or drugs, the number of dopamine containing neurons is gradually declining

Dopamine was discovered to serve as a quick switcher of your attention.

Dopamine containing neuron

If your brain does not have enough of it, you often get stuck in unpleasant thoughts and low moods and depression.

(2) Substantia nigra - a brain structure located in midbrain that plays an important role in reward, addiction and movement.  

Substantia nigra

Substantia nigra is an important player in eye movement, motor planning, reward seeking, learning, and addiction. Its lack or degeneration symptoms include:

  • disturbances to posture,
  • stiffness,
  • shaking hands,
  • fatigue,
  • sleep abnormalities, and
  • depressed mood,
  • Parkinson’s disease.

Fact  5. This is the most shocking fact both for men and women. Some unsatisfied with their personal relationships mothers experience sexual orgasm during their babies’ breastfeeding! By doing this,

they pass their female’s sex energy through yours,
fixing it with milk and intent to get pleasure from you

Having had being installed this powerful connection through sex sensations and deep loving emotions, such mothers control yours and your own family life, your relationships. The stronger mother’s imposed ties, the less satisfying personal life you have. This co-dependence becomes the basis of addictions, as such mothers never let you go, and manipulate you skillfully, no matter how far you live. In other words, they consider you their own property and use your own sex energy for their wellness.

Can the origin of chronic pain, addictions and depression be healed?


I developed a special program based on scientific research, data collected from my professional clinical and my own experience of 10 years living in chronic pain. I have no longer pain, nor will you!

This program can be applied in the form of group training and individually. What shall we do together? The healing methods and concepts are nice. Moreover, you will love them, as we will never get into painful contents of your experience. Its agonizing influence will disappear, forever.

We will:
1. Connect you to the wonderful and unlimited source of wellness, health and excellence

2. Form your own consciousness of pleasure, easiness, comfort and success

3. Connect you and your body to infinite source of sex energy and potential!

4. Disintegrate foreign mind, influences and remove their traces

My consultations in Rome, Italy

15 – 16 December 2014, I have individual consultations in Rome, Italy. I rented villa with a garden on the coast, close to sea.

You can book your time from 10.00 to 17.00. Deadline is the 1st of December. There are 2 guests beds in villa, in case you would like to stay longer(for free).

Problems to solve

1. Phobias (1-3 hrs)
2. PTSD and their traces removal (2-3 hrs)
3. Healing chronic pain (3-4 hrs)
Costs: €200 per hour

As a gift, you will get my home healing computer program “Eye Movement Integrator”, based on Steve Andreas’ method and approved by him.

Natalia Levis-Fox & Steve Andreas

Languages: English, French, Russian

Natalia Levis-Fox

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