Monday, November 10, 2014

Nice Method: Heal Your Sleep and Home Space with Water

Several days ago, we read with you the article  “5 Water Rituals to Bless Your Life

If you had practiced one of the methods even once, you have certainly noticed positive effects. No doubt!

Here is another method or ritual to charge the water with healing energy.

1. Take a vase, a glass or even jar from coffee. Your love container should be made of natural substances (glass or ceramics).

2. Prepare flowers. You can even use
 your home plants

or flowers, e.x. geranium
3. Pour water into your vase. Take it with your both hands and charge the water with love, health and your intent of good night sleep, sweet dreams, relaxing rest and love-filled space in your bedroom.

4. Put the flowers in. They will bring beautiful energies into the water and air.

5. Put the vase any place you love:

On the floor

On the fireplace

In a niche

6. Smile and admire the composition. It will be the starting mechanism to heal you and your living/working space

 6. Effects: love inside your water and flowers, emanates itself into outer space and your body-mind system.

I do this ceremony regularly, especially in my office, where I consult people both with their physical presence and over the phone.

Each time I put the vase with love-charged water, my kitten participates and sniffs flowers. Cats know and understand love better than most of us…

Have only sweet dreams and comfort at home
Natalia Levis-Fox,

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