Monday, November 17, 2014

Sex Heals

Sex heals by setting up a nurturing exchange of subtle energy, which occurs naturally between the polar opposites of yin and yang (tenderness and sex fire).

University of Paisley researchers in the UK had people keep diaries that included sexual activity. Then they asked participants in the study to give speeches, in order to induce acute stress. Those who had penile-vaginal intercourse during the days preceding the speeches were less stressed and their blood pressure returned to normal faster than those who had engaged in oral sex or masturbation.

The physiology of sex is very complicated and one we know surprisingly little about given how much it affects our behavior. But the different stress responses between penetrative sex and masturbation suggests the biology of one person affects another.

Sex research states: the more sex (with orgasm) we have, the better off we are.

A study done a few years back measuring the improvements in immunity (saliva levels of the antibody Immunoglobulin A (IgA)) associated with different frequencies of sex.

Researchers found that people engaging in sex once or twice a week have substantially higher levels of IgA  than people reporting sexual activity more than twice a week, or less than once a week.

Compulsive sex has also been shown to drastically suppress the immune system.

A 2004 study comparing frequency of ejaculation with prostate cancer found that one group of men in the study, who engaged in the most frequent ejaculation (21 or more times per month), correlated with a somewhat decreased risk of prostate cancer.

Making love frequently, but gently, without ejaculation also gives the prostate a workout. Is it strictly intercourse that heals, or is it something subtler, such as the mutual flow of comforting energy?

Consider an experiment that was done at the University of North Carolina. Researchers told couples they would have to give speeches. Before they did so, 100 of the couples sat holding hands for a short time, and then embraced for 20 seconds.

Another group of couples rested quietly and were separated from their partners. During their speeches, heart rates and blood pressure rose twice as high in the second group compared to the hand-holders.

What about kissing? A Japanese study in 2003 asked patients who did not usually kiss to kiss freely during 30 minutes with their lover or spouse alone in a room with closed doors while listening to soft music. Both hay fever and eczema noticeably improved after a half hour of kissing.

Intercourse is nourishing because it facilitates a subtle exchange of yin and yang, but the exchange may not be whole dependent upon genitals…and certainly is not dependent upon orgasms.

The benefits of lovemaking and close, trusted companionship appear to derive from oxytocin. Oxytocin counters the effects of the neurochemical cortisol, which is harmful at chronically high levels. The result is improved health, less depression and addiction, and greater harmony.

Sex and gentle caressing heal your heart and keep it healthier.

Sex is also like a food, and sexual contact with vital magnetic exchange at certain not-too-long intervals, varying with different temperaments, conditions and times of life, seems necessary for health and satisfying living. It is also a perfectly valid and justifying reason for sexual embraces and caresses, even where there is only innocent need on one side and tender kindness on the other, or where on both sides there is only need and kindness.  

This exchange and mutual feeding can be effected in any way in which the sexes can come into each other's aura, but it is most easily effected by touch.

Intimate relationships can be so different, but mutually pleasant and satisfying

Grewen et al. Warm Partner Contact Is Related to Lower Cardiovascular Reactivity Behavioral Medicine. Vol 29, Fall 2003. pp 123-130.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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