Sunday, August 2, 2015

Caucasus: Valley of Mineral Springs

Yesterday we went to the valley of mineral springs, locally called ‘Dolina Narzanov’. It is not far from my home, only 60 km.

The road, which is also very good

for racing with cute turns,

passes along the green hills,

at the level of alpine meadows

In August green brightness is fading.

Nevertheless, wild flowers are everywhere…

along the creeks

along the road,
 and on the meadows themselves



Our destination was the river Hasaut

With the purest live water

 Along the banks  dozens of mineral water springs are coming out

All the springs have their wonderful

Unique taste

Some of them are sizzling

like champagne

Some of them are quiet…
Even my Spanish dog enjoyed the water

All the springs are flowing into the river

On the way back I noticed a wild apple tree with tiny apples.

We stopped to taste apples: sour but nice

Life is so beautiful and tasty!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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