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Caucasus: Elbrus National Park in August

3 days ago we went to the Elbrus area – National park, called “Prielbrusie” – for wild berries

and mushrooms.

We cook a lot of tasty things from porcini

The park is situated 60 km from my home if you fly there directly by plane;

and this beautiful volcano is seen like this
from the place 300 m from my house

The road to this park is about 180 km by car and goes along picturesque landscapes.

Along the  hills and plateaus

This is Tyrnyaus – a small town of miners and winds, 30 km from Elbrus

On top of one mounts there is tungsten molybdenum plant
(marked with blue circle)

From this place, mountains and rocks are getting higher.

This is the climbing rock wall, where competitions take place, near the town

Each family has their own land in the alpine meadows.

Hay is delivered from high areas

by donkeys to the roads

then is transported by trucks

Firstly, we visited our friends, two brothers, in a small village called Elbrus. They became more like relatives for the years. One of them is a hunter; another is a carpenter and an excellent skier, fearless and crazy.

Their farther created wooden sculptures, so their home is like a wonderful box

with scenes from the legends and myths

We went to the mountainside of Cheget (3700m),

a beautiful mount, where we ski in winter

In August it is as crowded as in winter, but with tourists

Many nice hotels

 small restaurants, with tasty, ecological food

One of the restaurant owners made a small lake with water flowing from a small creek

You can fish there.

Trout can be cooked for you immediately…

We went to Dongus Orun area,

divided from Cheget by a furious river

This year the weather was so hot, 

that Dongus Orun glaciers are melting fast

Crossing the roaring river was sort of extreme experience

Dongus Orun foot area is covered by pine trees with a wonderful smells of sun,

Resin, plants and herbs

tiny pines are growing everywhere

Mushrooms are not growing without rains, so we were rewarded with wild berries





You know, blueberries are very good to your eyes.

You take a berry, and squeeze out its juice into one eye, then into another

1-2 minutes you feel tingling.
Then your vision magically clarifies…

We gathered mineral water for home at another place crowded by tourists

We also admired the top of another mount (blue circle)

where crazy skiers jump from helicopters

We visited people we know and like. 

Several years ago we assisted them in business organization. We brought them a dozen pairs skis and snowboards for hire in the winter. 

In summer time they sell souvenirs.

And we went home impregnated by health, beauty, pleasure and friendship

Life is so gorgeous!
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