Friday, August 21, 2015

Nice Method: What Energy Are You Made of?

Can you answer the question: “What energy are you made of?
Can’t answer?

 1. Take several sheets of paper and make a list of your personal components.

Write with your own hand.
In this case, your whole body will participate.

You will be surprised and fascinated by making the list!

Do not be shy. Insert all your best qualities, i.e. energies.

2. After the list is ready, mark the best qualities that had expressed themselves freely, effortlessly in the presence of other people.

3. Conclusions. These people are the best for you! They match you perfectly as friends and partners in different areas of life.

4. Now take a blank sheet and write:

This is your innate energy, the basis of your personality!

You do not have to believe or disbelieve these qualities-energies.

These are facts!
Initially all people were born with this multi-component lovely energy for their personality…

5. From this very moment you can enjoy or experience pleasure out of this lovely energy, both physically and intellectually.

It is the purest energy of your life, irrelevant to your gender. Of course, men understand this energy differently from women.

In any case, this subtle, gentle with sweet tenderness energy will heal your body and soul.

Caution: While enjoying this energy, just avoid adding ‘bad’ thoughts or accusations for those people, who had ‘spoiled’ your childhood, life or best intentions there.

This nice method is from my new book

Life is pleasure…
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Natalia Levis-Fox

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