Monday, August 10, 2015

Self: Lovely Energy of Human Personality

For many years I have been looking for satisfying answer to the question

“What is Self?”

Definitions from different dictionaries did not give the satisfying answer.

These are questions I had to find answers for:

How come that adult, intelligent and very good people feel sometimes silly?

Why do people bother with self-confidence and try to develop it?

Why does something stupid talk inside of us? When we want rest and relaxation in privacy of nights?

How come, that some adult people and kids become aggressive and being nice in lovely and friendly environments?

Is it good to be selfish?

I am making a beautiful carpet currently for walls decoration.

Creating it with love, I got the answer.

The origin of Self is LOVE!

Children are born with the innate potential of lovely energy. It is the basis of personality.

Children are so lovely, until their parents, educators and caregivers start ‘breaking’ them.

The aim of this destruction is socialization according to this or that social model… Depends of the type of civilization and so called ‘national mentality’.

The more sexually gifted is the child, the greater is the pressing on them!

As the result, we get aggressiveness

Weaker people become the models of moral

and other social standards

So, ‘Self’ in the meaning of personality is the expression of individuality and their own energy.

Being selfish is good, as human beings defend their own nature from foreign interference.

In other words, when we say “I”, we speak out of lovely energy, designed to live a wonderful life…

Think it over!
We shall proceed with this knowledge later in other posts

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