Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nice Method: Unzip Your Mind-Brain

Unzip your brain and see what happens…

You can also use your palms to open your locked mind (even cuter!)

Palms put together – imitate your head-brain

Palms opened – are for the opening process

Nobody will read this information. Be sure!

All your knowledge is encoded by semantics, i.e. personal meaning to events.

It is fun!

Because the energy of

  • failure programs
  • fears
  • map of bad and painful family memories from childhood, etc
will pour out of your head.

or jump out like devil

with a nice sense of humor…

from your brain-mind system.

It must leave your head and personal mind… as your own mind must be clear for the great things you love…

It is your locked shit or/and unlocked opportunities, mixed in your head. They disturb you.

If you need my assistance, connect me through Skype or email.

  1. form your question properly and prepare it beforehand
  2. define your desired outcome, i.e. what you want in result

Together we shall find nice and quick solutions to any problem!

Hours for initial consulting 11-13 am, Moscow time

Languages: English, Russian, possibly French (I haven’t spoken French for several years, it needs to be refreshed)

Skype: lefoxy5

Natalia Levis-Fox

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