Thursday, November 29, 2012

Human Warmth and Fluffy Clothes from Golden Fleece (Part 2)

In Caucasus, fine-wool sheep breeds have been known since ancient times.

In the myth of the Argonauts

Argonauts ship

Golden Fleece appears as a very compact and easy thing.  Jason put the Golden Fleece under his shirt wrapped in a cloak and stole it.

Jason on his way to Greece with Golden Fleece

According to the myth of the Argonauts together authentic information about the early voyages of the Greeks, inhabitants of Colchis (Caucasus, territory of modern Georgia), plunged a fluffy sheep's skin into gold-bearing river for 2 days. Sheepskin, which settled particles of gold, turned into the Golden Fleece...

Golden Fleece

Modern fine-wool ram, in a fluffy Golden Fleece

Levis-Fox Art Gallery sells nice fine-wool socks

and elegant shawls made of fluffy Golden Fleece wool for very low prices

Each your purchase brings not only money for local masters. It raises their self-respect and importance of their small business for people!

I myself have several shawls of different colors. I wear them according to my mood. Or, choice of color raises spirits high immediately.

After my travels in European countries, I tell ladies-masters about the effects their shawls produce to women. Very often people come up to me and ask about the origin of these beautiful things.

My stories not only please the masters, More than that, they inspire talents and novel designs creation.

Masters from Balcaria (tiny republic in Caucasus),
selling their handmade artworks

Shawls are very good for every type of figure. They hide what you do not like and make you very beautiful,

non-standard, stylish.

You can also contribute into wellness of Balcarian women

and children without parents by buying them just a pair of socks as a New Year gift.

We shall publish photos of giving presents to kids from your name.

You can use our ‘donate’ button and mention color & size of fluffy socks as your gift.

Generosity opens gates to love inflow into your life!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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