Friday, November 23, 2012

How Pleasure Is Generated In Brain And Body

For many years I have been making scientific research about pleasure and its aspects. Thousands of articles on neurobiology, psychology and neurogenesis were analyzed. People do have right to know what is going on in their brain and body.

I learned to turn scientific knowledge into healing methods. Also, I became skilled at animating this useful knowledge. During consultations these animations assist both grown up people and kids to understand basic principles of their healthy & desirable being. These animations are healing themselves, because when a person sees moving useful information, their nature easily turns into healthy mode. It is a mystery, but it works!

Finally, I present you information about pleasure principles based on scientific discoveries. You will easily understand them. If you read this article, then the topic interests you as well.

After I got the whole picture on pleasure and its generation, I developed corresponding methods to introduce pleasure into everyday life. They favorably influence my life, Pain is gone, and pleasure filled life, everyday deeds, mood and attitudes.

This is what I know. Funny illustrations will disengage you from judging yourself.

Voluntary or not, we seek for pleasure. And we are absolutely right!

Neurobiologists discovered that seeking for love, pleasure and beauty is highly rewarding.

As the biological function, pleasure and its search ensures the improvement of species through advantageous experiences.

Dating experience. Virtually or not, it’s very good

Physical actions (exercises), aimed at doing what you want or love, search for the best, release endorphins – neuro substances of happiness and intensive pleasure.

Endorphin molecule, 3d model

Let us see how pleasure is generated in a single neuron - brain’s cell.

Neuron and its components

When we expect pleasure from our actions, exercises, meetings, books, people, events, etc, nucleus produces corresponding substances, which flow to terminals.

Nucleus generates endorphin molecules.
They flow to the terminal to be released into space
between cells to make us feel good.

Our neurons (like our genitals) function on the principle of orgasm, releasing happiness, intense pleasure, feeling food states, when we act (physically), dream or do something mentally.

Releasing endorphins into cellular space

The released chemicals in brain, body and blood do not live long.  They disappear, when we stop acting.

In the absence of pleasure or satisfaction, we start eating

…or drinking alcohol to come into the state of wellness…

The longer we do something important for us, the more intense pleasure is.

Nucleus keeps producing neuro substances, until we finish up.

When you are always at the ready to get & release pleasure from everywhere (including people, actions, dreaming, mental practices), you set intent

to live with pleasure and fun.

In this case, no addictive substances will ever be needed! It is the principle of wellness. 

You will always be emanating pleasure…

Now, your opinion needed. I animated these materials into step-by-step process (.ppt) with nice sounds and funny cartoons.  Download is absolutely free! Leave your comments, if the principle is clear /not comprehendible to you.

Thank you!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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