Friday, November 9, 2012

Where is Human Warmth?

Each of us seeks for human warmth in relations. What do we do if don’t find it? We continue looking for it in other places, with other people…

Internet and social networks give us hope, But, they would never substitute the warmth and gentleness of human touch and tenderness of sincere words.

Not a single idol, or Image or concept (religion including), can give us what we need so urgently: being earnestly cared for, supported or loved.

What can we do ourselves? Each of us had a lot of troubles, sufferings or misunderstanding in our experience. It makes us human! 

We can allow our human warmth out and radiate it, always!

Just like a sun

Are you smiling too?

It is no use hiding your human warmth from the world any longer.

What do you think?
Natalia levis-Fox

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