Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Artwork and Gratitude To My Readers

I want to express gratitude to all my readers from many countries, practically from all the continents.

Isn’t it great, that wellness and ways of its achievement interest us all? I have consulted many people of different ages, patients from clinics and hospitals, students, teachers and doctors, parents and their kids. All of them were seeking for one and the same thing: the state of feeling good.

Every day I read newsletters from my colleagues, scientific articles on how our brain works and plenty other useful materials. Nothing heals and changes better than precise knowledge about the world we live in and ourselves.

I travel a lot. I meet people of different nationalities and ethnic groups. Scientific knowledge, respect for diverse religious concepts and attitudes, love for people, their cultures, art, allows discussing very urgent topics of our everyday life with ministers, famous people, religious leaders, politicians. These subjects include education, children’s upbringing, models to follow, even the role of intimate relations in communities wellbeing and peace.

It is great, that you express your interest in these topics either. You write letters to me, and I answer each message or question. Nevertheless, I ask you to write your attitudes in comments, after my articles, so that we could discuss matters together. Unfortunately, some letters sent through my websites, get into ‘spam’ file. Please, state the theme of your messages and give the exact email address, so that my answers reached you.

I finished another artwork. It is made of pure wool and fluffy at a touch. In reality it is much more beautiful than photo. It decorates the wall of my office. Everybody who enters it, immediately smiles at the cat.

Felting, 2012. 100% pure wool.
Size: 66 X 86 cm

Send me you artworks. Do not be shy! We will enjoy them together…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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