Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Secrets of Sexy Women

Most family relationships fail because women do not place beautiful intimate relations on first place. Did you know that?

On the contrary, sexy women are always loved and worshiped everywhere. Why?

Here are secrets of a sexy women.

1. Sexy women adore sex

Unlike family oriented ladies, who expect too much from their husbands and marriage – sexy women adore sex.  They consider sex a very important part of their lives. If they are tired, sex revives them, if they are stressed or in tension – sex relaxes them. They would never show their fatigue or reject male’s sexual desire.

If they have a headache, they would prefer orgasm as a reliable remedy. Sexy women are gentle, passionate, shameless, self-sure and self-confident. Men are faithfully attracted to them, irrelevant to the age and appearance. So what is the sexy lady like?

2. A sexy woman likes to think about sex

Her fantasies are bold, detailed and full of sensations. That is why her dreams always come true as men unconsciously do that she was dreaming about.

3. A sexy woman can make love in every mood

Any emotion, melancholy or even anger, act as catalyses to her passion. Of course, she loves romantic atmosphere with candles, flowers or wine, but they are not necessary conditions to fall in sexy moods. She can make love even if she is tired after a hard working day. This gives her power to passionate lovemaking with her partner.

4. A sexy woman always forgives herself for lovemaking

Good sex and nice company with her lover, instead of ‘doing serious things’ like preparing a report or notes for a coming business meeting – is a valid excuse for her.  In other words, she always finds time for lovemaking.

5. A sexy woman loves her body

Very often sexy women are not very beautiful, but they believe in their sex appeal and attraction. They use their natural gifts to advantage and never pay attention to their deficiencies or shortcomings.

6. A sexy woman always pays attention to men

She flirts very often and always notices males’ attention to her. She would keep a nice conversation with any man, even if she were not interested in him.

7. A sexy woman expects her partner be a good lover

Sexy women have very high standards, for both themselves and their partners. Accordingly, she wants to be the super lover herself and expects the same from her lover or husband. They never imitate orgasms, as they believe that every male can give them a real pleasure. If men do not know, how to give pleasure, they would show how to do it.

This invaluable information is from my project “How to Become Sexy Just For 3 Days”. It includes en ebook in PDF and 2 slide films in .ppt. These formats fit every computer, notebook or modern reading devices. I will let you know when the project will be ready.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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