Friday, November 9, 2012

Psychological Humor: Train Your Boss (2)

We have already discussed with you this question – how to train your boss. I say “we” because, when you read interesting information, you either agree or disagree, right?

Nothing heals social relations better than laughter. It is not in our culture to laugh at people openly in public. But! Nobody forbids us to mock or laugh at people we dislike at home, or even at work.

Your boss is nothing but your own projection, a concept. Practicing humor directed to your boss, enriches you as well as improves relationships. Frankly speaking, I do all these funny things myself, both in academic environments and at home. Results are always satisfying. For the last years nobody even dared to order or manipulate me

Here is the method:
1. You look at the funny animation
2. You apply it to your boss (or any other distressing person), i.e. you substitute images: your boss to comic animation
3. You create amusing context and funny and witty description
4. You laugh at your creation several times a day
5. It makes you feeling good

Let us practice

It is your boss, pleading his wife to play his sexy games

To be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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