Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring, Snow, Violets and Dogs

For almost four months, every morning I go to feed my dog’s son. I call him Lino.


He lives with his mother in the street near a fashionable house. Last month there appeared another dog in this area: wounded and hungry. Apparently, he was used as a fighting dog. Who knows?

It was very cold and snowy then and this dog came to live with puppies. He slept near them and was trying to steal food. So every morning, I make a bucket of meat soup for him as well.
He looks much better now, I published ad in Internet, but nobody came for him… This is sad, isn’t it?

Yesterday we had snow.

There was a rain 2 days ago

My primrose after rain

Primrose after snowfall

My dog and I, both adore snow

our walks are real, real pleasure

in the garden

After he left to run after neighbor’s cat, I found violets right in the place of his snow enjoyment.

Life is beautiful!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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