Monday, October 21, 2013

Caucasus: Dombay Indian Summer

There is a beautiful Indian summer on the Caucasus now.

The temperature is very comfortable, t +18º. It is warm and sunny. 

Last Sunday we went to Dombay,

a skiing resort, 180 km from home.

I personally prefer to ski on Elbrus, where there are no trees

...but the road to Dombay is really beautiful, 

especially in Indian summer.

Smells are terrific

When you stop, you hear leaves falling, quietly and fascinating…

Practically you travel in heavens…

…seing beauty everywhere…

Dombay area is overfilled with small hotels, because the resort is very popular among

some type of skiers and snow boarders,

…practicing extreme among the trees…

…as well as paragliding…

I use Russian cars in travelling in the mountains. The reasons are very simple.

They are good on ice and snow

And you feel your muscels while driving, as it keeps your legs strong as ever.

Each hotel, no matter how small it is, has its own restaurant.

The food is superb! To say ‘It is ecologically healthy’ is to say nothing.

The meat is juicy and so tasty…

Unlike Europe, Caucasian sheep eat grass in the wild!

This is honey from alpine meadows, each jar contains deffirent sort of it.

The air is so fresh…

…smelly with ice cold water…

…and pine-trees pitch…

…and wild berries…

Where did you travel during Indian summer?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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