Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Is the Soul Mate?

Voluntary or involuntary men and women search for their ‘halves” or ‘soul mates’. To understand what it is, let us take the analogy with apples and consider what the ‘mismatching’ is.

Suppose, these are two admirable people - a man and a woman. They are nice, talented, sexy, good-looking, intelligent and possess other human super qualities.

mismatching unity

However, married or living  together makes them unhappy. To support their ‘couple-being’ or ‘social image of a decent family’, they:

  • play games;
  • quarrel often;
  • find faults with each other;
  • feel displeased, disappointed and unsatisfied;
  • try to dominate over each other;
  • look for better relationships outside family or their union;
  • often tell lies to each other;
  • accuse each other;
  • pretend to be a happy couple,

each of them, nevertheless, remaining just a nice person, out of family context.

On the contrary, soul mates, no matter how different they may seem at first

…make a lovely unity…

  • feel comfort in each other’s presence;
  • miss each other, when part temporarily;
  • live and communicate in a very friendly atmosphere;
  • enjoy each other’s company;
  • have a lot of common interests;
  • support each other;
  • feel sincerely happy, when their partner gains success;
  • joke and mock at each other friendly;
  • take genuine care of each other, especially in non-favorable situations;
  • never interfere in private space, time and activities of a partner;
  • cook for each other with pleasure;
  • easily find topics for discussion, so they never feel bored together.

Did you find your soul mate?

If not, some ideas of how to attract lovely relationships might help and guide you to success.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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