Friday, October 4, 2013

Spain and Switzerland: Money, Miracles, Possibilities, Drive

Like everybody else in the world, I adore money. Money is freedom to buy whatever you want and do everything you love. However, money never comes if you do not do anything you love sincerely. So, making money is an exciting process.

Money can be attracted. Read my story about $300 by miracles (Parts    1     2) .

Sometimes instead of money (falling from the sky), you attract possibilities to earn definite sums and experience pleasure out of the process.

So several months ago, I developed a money attracting animation in the form of PPT presentation of money floating into my home: from ceiling and windows.

I am not the sort of person to sit and meditate quietly… Instead, I dream. But I do not see “mental images,” like other people can create.

Honestly, I tried many times, in vain. One day it became clear, that dreams could be kinesthetic. As an alternative to seeing images you act in your dreams, as if it is the reality.

In this case, your muscles become alive as if you ski in reality with a person or people you adore, or ride, or pilot, or drive different means of transport. It gives you the feeling of pleasure… You can not live without pleasure, right? Otherwise, your life is not good, interesting or exciting.

Regular dreaming usually brings forward the likewise reality. In other words, dreams come true!

With money dreaming, I had to develop some visually attractive and useful animation. Several minutes a day of watching it, brought in miracles. Most of them were in the form of unexpected possibilities. They combined both travelling around the world, speaking several foreign languages – an interpreter’s job and my professional knowledge as a psychologist.

You can also use your computer for attracting money and super possibilities fast. In my case, it was a trip to Spain coast for a nice rest and Switzerland for a World Medical Congress.

Below are my pictures of Callela on the Mediterranean coast of Spain,

… a nice clean town…

…with numerous hotels on the beach…

…town trains, taking tourists from railway station to hotels…

…shopping area…

,,,where I found a beautiful Spanish handmade leather bag…

…a perfect match for my fluffy fox fur coat…

Isn’t it a drive?
To be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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