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How To Measure Self-Confidence and Success (Part II)

Continued from Part I

Looking To The Past To Predict The Future  

The truth is that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. This is not only true for individuals, but for teams and companies.

If you want to know where your current path is taking you - look to your past. That’s the best way to predict where you’re headed.

Looking to your past is more reliable than looking at your goals and intentions.

Consider some of the people in your life — people you know pretty well. Can you reasonably predict where they’ll be a year from now? Can you make a decent guess at where they’ll be in terms of their career, finances, relationships, health, spiritual growth, etc?

It is not asking you to predict the exact outcome. It is about asking you to paint a general picture of what you expect each person’s life will look like in a year or so. You will be pretty accurate because you can be objective. 

Predicting Your Future  

Sometimes it’s easier to make predictions about other people instead of ourselves. When we look at other people’s lives, we are much more objective.

It can be pretty tough to look at ourselves objectively, especially when we don’t like what we see. No one wants to predict that a year from now, they’ll have lost their home due to foreclosure, gained 20 pounds of fat, and endured a string of bad relationships.

Try this: Make some predictions about where you’ll be in a year, but base your predictions only on hard factual evidence from the past 90 days of your life.

Assume those same patterns will continue for another 12 months. Where will they lead if you largely repeated the patterns of the past 90 days for a full 12 months?

In order to make accurate predictions, you cannot use your goals or intentions as an accurate indicator of where you will be in the future.

When you study and learn from your past, you’ll notice certain patterns that come up repeatedly that keep you stuck. All of these patterns are rooted in your lack of Self-Confidence to follow through and make the changes.

One of those patterns is the “start-stop” approach.

This is when someone gets a strong desire to change. They feel a surge of positive emotion and decide that finally things will be different. They usually believe it too.

They set some new goals and intentions and start taking some actions, but because of a lack of Self-Confidence their actions are inconsistent. Most of their actions are one-offs, meaning that they never get integrated as permanent habits. For example they get highly motivated to change - usually after reading a book or taking a personal development program - then they will get started, but that’s usually as far as it goes.

Eventually the excitement over the new direction and information fizzles, and the person stops changing and gets sucked back into their old under-confident patterns from the past. No real lasting change occurs.

We all know that goals and intentions are powerful. Having clarity about what you’re going to do next is important. But deciding what you want is only the first step. And if that’s all you do, then it is predictable that  you will have some occasional success, but for the most part your life will be a repeated pattern of “start-stop” mediocrity.

The Root Cause
The root cause of our “start-stop” behavior is the inability to feel confident enough to follow through and make the necessary changes until we get the results we desire. Not if, but until.

Most people do not have enough Self-Confidence to create the life they deserve.

There are four things that keep most people from expressing their full force

1. Lack of fulfilling work (not doing what they love, not contributing)

2. Financial struggle (too much debt, not earning enough money, not experiencing financial flow)

3. Lack of loving relationships (unsupportive, disempowering, apathetic or negative social circle; no one to love and be loved by)

4. Poor health (lack of energy and vitality, feeling tired, struggling with health issues.)

These are the most common killers of long term happiness.

But here is something important for you to know.

All of these problems are really just symptoms. The real issues go much deeper.
Most personal development books and programs are focused fixing these symptoms. But they never identify and treat the root cause that gives rise to those symptoms.
Consequently, even people who study personal growth for most of their life never seem to be able to "lock on" to success. It always eludes them.

But some people succeed in a really big way with:

1. Deeply fulfilling work that expresses their creativity and contributes to the world

2. A wonderful flow of financial abundance that makes it easy to afford whatever they wish to experience.

3. Loving and supportive relationships with people who genuinely care about them.

4. High levels of energy, vitality, and excitement -- mentally, physically, and emotionally

This is because they have Unstoppable Self-Confidence.

Do you think that knowing how to build Unstoppable Self-Confidence to achieve these results might serve you?

When you have Unstoppable Self Confidence you can tackle -- and defeat -- the three demons that keep you stuck.

1. Denial
2. Disconnection
3. Inaction

Let's briefly discuss each one.

Denial - First, in order to get unstuck be honest enough to admit the truth of your current situation. If you're stuck, don't pretend that you're making progress. Denial cannot help you change your situation.

It's imperative that you start being honest with yourself. Look to the past 90 days, as well as look at your past patterns and see what sort of progress you're REALLY making. Stop kidding yourself that things will somehow magically get better in the future.

Your future is actually quite predictable. If you keep doing the same things over and over again, and they haven't worked in the past, it's safe to say you won't make much progress in the future.

Giving up denial and identifying and eliminating the thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are eroding your Self-Confidence is an essential part of permanent and lasting change.

Disconnection - The second confidence killer is disconnection. This is when you lose sight of your passion, dreams, and desires. Disconnection leads to hopelessness.
If you want to have a successful and happy life it's your responsibility to stay plugged in to your desires. Don't let them die. What do you want to experience? Think about your desires often. Make connecting with your desires a central part of your life, but you can only do this if you feel Self-Confident.

When people are plugged in to their desires, their eyes are sparkling and full of life. Take a moment to go look at yourself in a mirror. Do you see that sparkle in your eyes? Does your image reflect happiness, fulfillment and a feeling of Self-Confidence? Or is it reflecting disappointment, regret and a lack of Self-Confidence? You can break the feeling of disconnection once and for all by creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence.
Inaction – Inaction is the third confidence killer. This can take the form of procrastination, indecisiveness and low levels of self-discipline. The lack of inspired action consists of the inability to maintain momentum in the face of external pressures and follow through on your goals and plans.

The proven antidote for inaction is to deliberately train yourself to become more confident in your ability to succeed.
Realize that the denial, disconnection or the inability to take inspired action is not a permanent condition.

You Can Reinvent Yourself

At every moment, you get to choose your identity. You get to appoint yourself and anoint yourself to be the person you want to be. You can literally reinvent yourself.

Don't allow your current lack of Self-Confidence to become a life sentence! Do something about it now. If you're stuck at all today - let me be your outside force!

Dr. Robert Anthony ‘Self-Confidence Creator’ can help you. I have made it practical, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-apply. And, you will begin to see a noticeable increase in your Self-Confidence in 7 days or less!

In his book “The Hero’s Journey” Joseph Campbell sums it up when he says –
"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned,
to have the life that is waiting for us."

Your new life is waiting for you.

After Dr. Robert Anthony

Note from Natalia Levis-Fox:
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Natalia Levis-Fox

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