Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spain and Switzerland: Money, Miracles, Possibilities, Drive (Part 3)

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The essence of all my articles in this blog is information about high life styles people are looking for. Modern science discovered that seeking for pleasure and better life is the necessary condition for improving spices. That is why evolution occurs. Otherwise, we would gather plants, fruit and hunt in the wild since the beginning of times.

Now I lead so called ‘bohemian’ life: creating artworks, participating in world exhibitions, running my own art gallery, travelling, skiing, learning to pilot flying machines and ride motorbikes. In other words, I do what I love. Does it bring money? Not much. On the contrary, pleasure activities consume money as I chose very expensive hobbies.

Anyway, my bright pictures decorate people’s homes, offices and cafes. They bring in joy, encouragement and high spirits to their owners. Some of them cause smiles and happiness spontaneously. Created of fluffy materials, they are lovely at a touch. This causes happiness and satisfaction in me as well. 

I also love photography. Being not a professional: as master of light, perspective or composition. I make pictures out of my soul. You won’t believe, but this photo of mine “Violet & gray”…

…is situated in a dentist’s office in USA.
It makes patients relax before such surgical operations
as removing bad teeth!

In-between my most loved activities; I develop nice and quick methods for wellness. These methods are applied in psychotherapy, psychology even psychiatry worldwide. They help people to get what they want. Doctors and therapists learn about these effective methods through scientific publications, conferences, trainings and my books. I am usually invited by private clinics to work with very ‘difficult’ patients. Of course, it brings not only money, but also huge possibilities to combine profession with travelling around the world. It all is happening thanks to my animated method “Money to Home” which I practice 5 minutes a day.

This is how my colleagues and I became participants of the World Medtech Forum in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The aim of this forum is to integrate information about medical innovations (pharmacology, equipment and methods) and make them available to both professionals and patients through special centralized web resource.

Dr  Fedorova, my colleague at European Medtech Exhibition in Lucerne

It was my first visit to Switzerland.  This country is so green, small and nice.

It gives the feeling of situating in pictures, as if you are inside some film, 
…advertising ideal life,  
health, chocolate and ecologically pure milk.

Practically each Swiss city has a lake in the center

This lake in Lucerne has an old wooden bridge, richly decorated with flowers.

In general, flowers are everywhere in Switzerland.

I respect civilizations, which cultivate beauty, elegance and neatness in their cities.

Swiss food is very peculiar. In this expensive ship-restaurant we were served vension (deer) dish.

In the center of Lucerne,

 we dined in an old-fashioned restaurant,

where food is delivered by a tiny lift from upstairs.

Atmosphere in Swiss restaurants and cafés is very friendly.

Anelia, our waitress of Bulgarian origin,
a nice lady with higher education and a very pleasant person.

After Lucerne, we went to the heart of Swiss Alps and visited one of the famous private mental health clinics in Beverin.

MENTALVA, Resort & Spa

We were honored to be shown the clinic for VIP by Dr Tatiana Miusskaya-Fehr, one of the senior psychiatrists.

Dr Tatiana Miusskaya-Fehr & Natalia Levis-Fox

Dr Valentina Fedorova and Dr Tatiana Miusskaya-Fehr discussed urgent matters in mental disorders treatment, including anorexia, addictions and discovered that both clinics (in Moscow and Switzerland) share common approaches.

Dream about big money floating into your home and use unlimited possibilities to travel and upgrade professionally. Meet outstanding people and absorb beauty. The world exists for your pleasure!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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